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The Coniferous Forest


The picture above shows what the majority of the Coniferous Forest looks like.
Coniferous Forest Statistics:
  • Temperature: -40* C to 20* C, Average summer temperature is 10* C
  • Precipitation: 300 to 900 millimeters of rain per year
  • Vegetation: Coniferous - Evergreen Trees / Trees that produce needles and cones that stay all year round
  • Location: Canada, Europe, Asia, and USA or Between 50* and 60* Lat.
  • Misc: Coniferous forest regions have cold, long, snowy winters, and warm, humid summers. They have well-defined seasons, and at least four to six frost-free months

The Coniferous Forest was named after the large percentage of conifer trees that are in what is now the Coniferous Forest. Confier trees produce needles and cones, not leaves. The Coniferous Forest is also called the Taiga, which is the Russian version of the other name.

There are a variety of animals in the Coniferous Forest. There is also a variety of plants in the forest. To learn about these things, click on Plants and Animals. To learn other facts about the Coniferous Forest, click on Facts (both at top of page).
The picture below shows how the Coniferous Forest looks in the winter. Notice that all of the trees still have their needles.


The Coniferous Forest/Taiga can be found near any of our homes here in North-East Minnesota.