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The Coniferous Forest


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  • The average summer temperature is 10 degrees Celsius.
  • The coniferous forest has 300 to 900 millimeters of rain each year.
  • Some of the trees in the coniferous forest are trees that produce cones and needles.  Some needles remain on the trees all year.
  • The coniferous forests have cold, long winters with snow, and warm hot, humid summers.
  • Taiga is the Russian term for coniferous forest.
  • The three most dominating plants are fir, pine, and spruce trees.
  • The coniferous forest is probably the worlds largest land biome.
  • Coniferous means cone bearing or coming from the cones.
  • The white powder from the aspen tree can be used as a deodorant.
  • The larch tree is resistant to fire.
  • Giant sequoia trees are one of the longest living trees on earth.  They are more than 3000 years old and still growing.
  • The coniferous forest was named after the conifer tree that produces seeds and cones.
  • The bobcat changes it’s coat to camouflage itself according to the seasons.
  • Most great horned owls are brown or white to blend into the trees.
  • The eastern milk snake has a Y or V mark on it’s neck and it got it’s name from the belief it actually milked cows.
  • The main source of food in the coniferous forest is the seeds produced by the conifer trees.


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